Billing Services

■ Claims Processing
■ Insurance Billing
■ Collections / Follow-up
■ Reports & Statistics

On-Site Training & Consulting

■ Medicare Compliance Audits
■ Identifying Potential Lost Revenue
■ Billing Staff & Management Training
■ And Much More

Remote Billing Services

■ Online Staff Training
■ Short-term Data Entry & Collections

Who We Are

EMS Billing Management is a professional highly motivated consulting and medical billing company dedicated to the ambulance industry. We work with municipal, fire and private ambulance services who bill for emergency and non-emergency ambulance service. We provide on-site billing check-ups, compliance reviews, beginner and advanced training on the ambulance billing process and accounts receivable management. We also provide superior billing services for companies interested in out-sourcing the billing.

Companies we consult with usually find more than enough recoverable revenue to cover the cost of our consulting session. In many cases we locate thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, in recoverable revenue. We offer training on reports used to identify recoverable revenue, efficient automated billing processes, Medicare compliance reviews, management reports and financial statistics.